Niftihalo Studios is a media platform founded in 2003, from which I broadcast the development of my independently-created projects. These projects are all in various stages of development, and are listed below.


Niftihalo Studios works aim to be family friendly, but parents are advised to view them before sharing with their children.


Click on the project images to visit their personal sites.

- Gemma Bright


Genre : Science Fiction/Comedy

Format : Animated Short

Age Range : 8 and up


Genre : Science Fiction/Adventure

Format : Animated Feature Film

Age Range : 10 and up


Genre : Slice of Life/Science Fiction

Format : Animated Web Series

Age Range : 10 and up


Genre : Science Fiction

Format : Written Novel

Age Range : 10 and up





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Genre : Fan Fiction

Format : Written/Comics

Age Range : 10 and up


"Niftihalo Studios" (c)2003-17 Gemma V.L Bright