Niftihalo Studios is an independently-run micro studio and a massive labour of love, founded in 2003 as a platform under which to publish all my creative works. The name of the studio is inspired by a light-hearted remark my mum gave when I was younger, following me being particularly helpful, that one day I would 'get my halo'.



I'm Gemma Bright, teller of tales and avid student of Bible truths. Born in 1985, making art has been an integral part of my life since I was two years old. In 2004, art took on another level of meaningfulness, as I found myself challenged by the beginnings of a chronic illness which continues to impact my metabolism, endocrine and autonomic nervous systems.


I am an author and cartoonist - I am also a self-taught animator and filmmaker, with around sixteen years of collective experience in various aspects of both.


I am fascinated by the moving image and all the disciplines that go into creating film. If I can achieve anything through my art, I hope to move people to think more deeply about things they may not considered before.